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"The foils are to navigation,

as was the wheel to transport.

Welcome to the revolution"




IFS, the new iFoilers of a new foiling generation

Think iFoiler !!

The IFS or Increased Foiling System is an innovative system that incorporates and combines different solutions that interact with each other, complementing each other with the same objective: To increase the dynamic performance in foiling. 

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  • Increase Dynamic Length for:

Improvement of the longitudinal stability and dynamic trim of the boat.

Reduction of pitch and risk of pitch-pole.

Greater control and maneuverability, improved rudder response, ease in tack.

  • Increase Dynamic Beam for:
Improvement of the transversal stability.
Increase in righting moment and heeling reduction.
Possibility of increase of sail area and benefits.
Reduction of descent, improvement in tightness for catamarans and increase of the VGM.

  • V Main Foils with Double Lift for:
Automatic self-regulation of flight height.
Improvement of transversal stability.
Increase of the lifting speed to flight mode.
Security in case of MOB (man overboard).
  • Safe Foils System for:

In dinghys, beach the boat saving the contact of the foils with the ground to avoid damages.

​In yatchs, to normally mooring at port.

The IFS, initially conceived and designed for the development of a new generation of multihull sailing sailboats of any length, can also be applied to monohulls in combination with fixed or tilting weighted appendices, as well as motorboats.


The IFS is the result of a deep R & D work developed by our team since 2015, which will see its first application in a small iFoiler, the Mothquito, a new and original catamaran foiling concept that is currently in the manufacturing phase and that will be carried out his first sea trials in the spring of 2018. 

combi esp.png

Graphical comparison to better understand the IFS system that incorporates Mothquito

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